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Watch scratches vanish from your car permanently
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If you’ve ever had a scratch on your car you know how much it stands out. Most cars have a layer of clear coat on top of the paint to protect the color layer. Even though it is clear when smooth, scratches in the clear coat trap light, which is why they appear white. There are two types of product typically used to repair scratches, rubbing compounds, and waxes.

Rubbing compounds, and their cousins polishes, work by removing the sharp edges of the scratch that trap light. Unfortunately they also remove much of the clear coat that protects the paint making your car more vulnerable to scratches and damage to the color layer, which is much more expensive to repair.

Waxes fill in the scratch, with wax. That does make the scratch appear to disappear, but the wax will wear off or discolor pretty quickly, requiring reapplication.

5PD Scratch Treatment is a specially formulated clear coat that you can wipe on. Just clean the car, wipe it on, wipe off any excess (you only need to fill the scratch), and it hardens in sunlight to form a new clear coat that is up to 3 times more scratch resistant and twice as chemical resistant as the clear coat the manufacturers use. In fact we guarantee that the product will not discolor or wear off for 5 years after it was applied according to the directions.
Safe and simple to use
The special sunlight activated hardener means no mixing of chemicals is required, there are no solvents or alcohol to evaporate and it is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.
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